One of the best ways to get cheap car insurance is to compare car insurance offers – and the companies that offer them. Which car insurance is better? 

Only seven car insurance companies make up over 65% of the US market for individual car policies. These are Allstate, Farmers, Geico, Liberty Mutual, Progressive and State Farm, which are available to everyone, and USAA, the insurer of active members of the army, veterans and their families. 

Here are the annual car insurance rates for the seven largest car insurers in the United States, averaged for all states: 

  • Geico: 1198 USD.
  • State Farm: 1511 USD.
  • Progressive: 1776 USD.
  • Liberty Mutual: 1778 USD.
  • Allstate: 1834 USD.
  • Farmers: 1865 USD.
  • USAA *: 1023 USD.

* USAA, the cheapest, does not have a ranking because it is not available to everyone. Remember that these are average for the whole country, so rates in your area will vary. Credit history and fault accidents can have a big impact on insurance rates. Maybe it’s also age, marital status and other factors. That is why it is important to compare car insurance offers from many companies to find the best rate.

Which car insurance is better?

Finding the best insurance company for you 

Prices and discounts were part of every insurer’s result, but we know that cost is the most important factor for many car insurance buyers. Because prices depend on personal factors, including age, location, vehicle, and credit history and gender (in most cases), it’s important to look around for car insurance offers.

If price is the most important factor in your search, comparing car insurance offers can help you find the cheapest rate. But your shopping experience will also shed light on company customer service standards.

To find the best company for you when buying car insurance:

  • Visit your State Insurance Commissioner’s website to find complaints and other information about businesses in your area.
  • Ask your agent or customer service representative any questions to make sure you get all the protection you need – and nothing you don’t want.
  • Also consider smaller insurance companies. Small businesses offer rates well below large competitors in many locations.
  • If you had tickets, DUIs or other violations, be sure to shop three and five years after the incident, when surcharges can drop significantly.



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