Home is not just a roof over your head. It is much more than that. Your home is your pride, reflecting your status and achievements. Living in a beautiful home is a pleasure. Aesthetics and comfort are just as important as the location of the house and the quality of workmanship. The condition and atmosphere of your home creates a very important first impression in the mind of your guests. Let your home be a reflection of your personality. Is home improvement loan interest tax deductible? 

You can use a home renovation loan to modify, renovate or renovate your home. The main advantage of a home renovation loan is that it allows you to improve an existing house to a modern design and a more comfortable living space, tailored to your tastes and aesthetic preferences. These loans are similar to home loans. While a home loan allows you to buy a home, home renovation loans are designed to improve the home you already own. 

New rules for deducting interest on a home loan 

In February 2018, the IRS issued advice to taxpayers regarding the status of deducting interest on a housing loan. The guide specifies that interest on home loans, home loans (HELOC) and a second mortgage can still be deducted, regardless of how the loan is marked, provided the loan is for IRS approved use. 

In particular, home equity loans, HELOC or a second mortgage must be used to “purchase, build or significantly improve the home of the taxpayer securing the loan” so that interest can be deducted. 

Is home improvement loan interest tax deductible?

Although the IRS did not include a list of expenses that would be subject to legal regulations, the guidebook provides examples of acceptable expenses for home renovation. For example, you can still qualify for a deduction if you use a home or HELOC loan to do the following:

  • Build an add-on to enlarge your home
  • Put a new roof on the property
  • Replace your HVAC system
  • Complete a comprehensive kitchen or bathroom remodeling project
  • Discover the surface of your driveway

Tax credit for loans for home renovation

According to the IRS, you can deduct the full number of points paid in a year for a home renovation loan, provided you meet the following six criteria: 

  1. The loan is secured by the main house, which is usually the place where you live for most of the year.
  2. A well-established business practice is paying out points in the area in which the loan was granted.
  3. Points paid are comparable to general fees in a given area (there cannot be more).
  4. You use the cash method (like most people) – you report your income in the year in which you received it, and deduct your expenses in the year in which you pay it.
  5. The points you paid did not replace other amounts, which usually appear in another part of the statement of credit settlement. These include title fees, valuation, inspection and legal fees, as well as property taxes.
  6. All funds provided by you during or before the closing of the loan – including all points paid by the seller – are at least as much as points are accrued.

A renovated home can not only improve the usability of the home, but also lift your spirits and give you satisfaction from proudly presenting your home to family and friends. The availability of trouble-free home renovation loans removes financial constraints that can hold you back, making your home a bit more accessible and pleasant. The tax breaks associated with this loan increase the benefits. Go ahead; give your home the shape your heart desires.


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