Ways Mattress Stores Can Combat Online Sales

E-commerce is a big problem for mattress stores, as they erode into their sales, making them lose money. Although there’s not much they can do to reverse the trend, mattress stores have some tools that might help them combat online sales to a certain degree. Let’s see a few methods they can use to attract more customers.

Coupons are probably among the most effective marketing tools available. A mattress store can issue such coupons that are only valid for in-store shopping or online. Online is super easy to get discounts for any mattress, even Ghostbed offers it, you can easily visit the company website to get the Ghostbed Coupon or simply searching them online as well.  They can promote these coupons online, on various discount websites, in discussion forums and in Facebook groups. This is an effective manner to attract potential customers who prefer online shopping.

Since most mattresses are expensive, a good coupon will entice these consumers into stepping out of their comfort zone and coming to your store to buy a new mattress. Group discounts may also work, so they may be worth a try.

Special promotions and discounts can also attract people to come to your store to buy their mattress rather than purchasing it online. However, you have to be very careful with these promotions, because they can affect your bottom line. You won’t be able to offer your mattresses for cheap for a very long time without going bankrupt. For best results, you need to figure out some creative ways of making people spend more money in your store.

You may want to sell them some other items to go with their new mattress such as mattress toppers, bed linen, and pillows. Like this, you’ll attract them with a low price while also making a nice profit on all these additional items they will buy.

Providing expert guidance and advice can be another effective method to attract people to come to your store rather than shopping for their mattresses online. Many of them have no clue about choosing the right mattress. You can guide them along throughout the entire purchasing process, explaining them in detail what to look for in a good mattress and how to ensure they get one that suits their own needs and requirements. You can explain them that couples need to choose their mattress in a different manner than single individuals.

Tell them that older people have specific needs in order to secure a restful sleep. Show them how to choose the firmness of their mattress to suit their their overall health and well-being levels. Someone suffering from back pain may need to invest in a high-quality memory foam mattress in order to prevent their condition from worsening. Healthy individuals may be able to sleep on a lower quality bed without major health consequences.

However, you’ll have to explain them the benefits of investing in a good mattress that would enable them to maintain a healthy body posture while sleeping.

Positioning yourself as an authority in mattresses or in sleep-related products can be your best opportunity to attract consumers to come to your store, despite the convenience of online shopping. If you don’t come up with unique selling points and benefits, people won’t be so motivated to get out of their houses to commute to your store. The sooner you understand this, the better.

Last but not least, consider setting up a nice showroom where potential clients would have the opportunity to test the different types of mattresses. This kind of showroom requires a relatively large space, but it is well worth it, as it can work like a magnet. People will want to try out those expensive mattresses to see whether they are truly worth the price. Some of them will make a purchase on the spot. Hopefully, you’ll sell enough products to pay for your showroom.